About Casttree Events & Awards 2019

Casttree awards is an initiative undertaken by Casttree events, regarded for the achievements and the long-standing association with the Casttree.

Casttree has been the most trusted place for actors and performers to find jobs and career advice, and for casting professionals and talent seekers to find the right performers for their projects. The key motto of Casttree awards is to provide assistance and the platform for budding talent in the cinema industry and promote the individual talents across the world. Casttree awards are happy to honor the talent and hard work of the best producers, directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, musicians, editors, dancers and other technicians.

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Most Prestigious Award
Prize worth of 2 Lakhs & Certificates

The Casttree events & awards offer great cash prizes, trophies and certificate to winners moreover Casttree events & awards offers participation certificates to all the participants.

2 Casttree Pride awards (Short Film)

1. Casttree Golden Film Award
2. Casttree Silver Film Award

3 Casttree spotlight awards

1. Most Viewed Short Film in Casttree
2. Best Social Awareness Short Film
3. Casttree Special Mention

2 Casttree Pride awards (Music)

1. Best Independent Album Song
2. Best Cover Song
casttree award

11 Individual awards

1. Best Performance Male
2. Best Performance Female
3. Best Director
4. Best Script Writer
5. Best Cinematographer
6. Best Editor
7. Best Musician
8. Best Singer
9. Best Lyricist
10. Best Dancer
11. Best Choreographer


Certificate for every participants

Flashback Casttree Events 2018

The Casttree events 2018 saw an enormous number of short film entries from prospective filmmakers, actors, technicians from around 27 states all over India exclusively for the festival. Take a look about a few moments of Casttree events and awards 2018

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What's in the Casttree event - 2019

Meet Top Directors, Actors & Technicians during the event.

Movie showcase
Talent Discovery
Award Function
Media Coverage

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Moments from Casttree Events 2018